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The Problem

Coordinating healthcare is hard.  According to the American Medical Association, 79% of patients want to share medical information with family members, friends, and caregivers to collaboratively make health decisions.

However, access to this information is not easily obtained by the patient, and even less available to their loved ones.  While patient portals have helped give the patient access to some of their health information, that information is silo'd and not easily accessible.  There are significant communication problems in healthcare.

Patients, their family & friends, and other caregivers need a way to access, understand, and selectively share health information, and to efficiently and effectively collaborate around care coordination.

The CareSync Solution

The CareSync approach to healthcare has completely shifted the role that patients, their families, and their care teams play in managing health.  We combine web and mobile applications with comprehensive managed services to facilitate communication through building care communities where the patients, family & friends, caregivers, providers, and patient advocates work together to coordinate care, access and share important information, provide social support and reinforcement, and in turn, create increased levels of accountability and overall engagement in managing and improving health.  Photo_Jan_03,_12_35_55_PM

How We Do This

  • CareSync representatives gather, transcribe, and organize all of a patient's medical records from all of their providers
  • Family, friends, and caregivers are added to the patient's CareSync Care Team community
  • Simple sharing settings allow different levels of access for different Care Team members
  • Care Manager tools allow for collaboration around task lists, with notifications and reminders, and comments from care team members to encourage compliance
  • Web, iOS, and Android tools to leverage information, to document doctor instructions with voice recorders and notes fields, and to receive real-time care team support and encouragement

Information access, combined with social support and reinforcement leads to more engaged patients who feel empowered to play the role of active participant in their care.  And that leads to better outcomes.

What CareSync Users Are Saying

"My family lives all over the country, but we work together to manage my grandmother's post-op care.  With real-time updates, we are able to stay in-the-know, to communicate with her providers, and encourage her with kudos for her hard work in recovery."

"Taking care of a child with a rare chronic condition is hard. With CareSync, not only is our immediate family able to collaborate around his care, but his school nurse, physical therapist, and speech therapist all have access to information to effectively do their jobs.  Transparent communication makes it easier for all of us."

"I feel less alone during my cancer treatment. My family encourages and supports me each and every day!"

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