Welcome to CareSync 101 for members. Here is information on each menu. Links in blue lead to in-depth how-to articles.

Care Manager

Everything you need to take an active role in your health.

My Day is the first screen you'll see if you have any Appointments or Medications scheduled today. Link to Tasks & Measurements from here, too.

Appointments section is here for planning...and the Plus service recreates your entire Health History, including all the notes & documents from previous Appointments.

Calendar Sync instructions, so you can have your family's CareSync appointments on your device calendar.

Tasks are an important part of your Care Plan.  Make sure you create tasks before & after your visits, too.

Care Plan is the most important part of CareSync!  Your goals, tasks, and other planned items are managed in one place.

Timeline is a quick shortcut to your complete Health Timeline. 

Messages  for private conversations with your Providers, Health Assistant, & caregivers.



Make sure your personal information is updated so the right information is shared on Care Reports and determine your privacy and sharing settings here.

Personal Settings includes your photo, & the email address you want notifications sent to.

Emergency Contacts should be completed so they're accessible to Caregivers and included with Care Reports.

Sharing Settings can be managed for each person in your Care Team.

Invitations is a list of any outstanding invitations from Family & Caregivers.

Activity shows all the actions on your account, and they also show up in the right panel of your web browser.


Family & Caregivers

Family - CareSync is the health record that familitizes healthcare, so enter your whole family (even pets!) for the best experience.  

Caregivers - Keep relatives, engaged providers, and others in the loop.  Anyone you share data with is displayed in the Caregiver section.  Don't forget to set Sharing Settings with each person!



Too many notifications? The default is to have them on so you don't miss anything important.  Customize settings for each family member in Account/Notifications.

Email notifications can be set for Immediate, Daily, or Weekly.

Push notifications refer to those on your iOS device.

Frequency can be Immediate, Daily, or Weekly.

CareSync also sends email from time to time to let you know about product updates and other important items. To modify these, simply click the link at the bottom of the email.


Sharing Data & Reports

Reports can be shared from Health Profile & Timeline.  

Lists can be shared from all the Health Profile sections and from individual Documents.  

Blue Button technology allows you to download your data and send it via secure, direct email messaging.

Fax reports to providers from your computer or on your device!  Why?  Most providers don't accept email yet, but they still rely on the trusty (and secure) fax technology.  


Health Profile

CareSync's Health Summary section stores all your medical information and allows you to share your Health Timeline and Care Reports.

Health Summary is a report of all your current Providers, Conditions, Medications, Allergies, & Emergency Contacts.  Your provider needs the most updated version at every visit.

Health Timeline is your complete health history.  Use the filters to make the report helpful for specific situations, like all visits to a single Provider.  If you don't select a date range, the past 90 days will be shared/printed.

Providers - A complete Provider list is necessary to make sure your Care Plan is complete & to get all your records.

Conditions - Enter your current and previous health conditions, and link the related Providers & Medications.

Medications should be entered so you can share the list with your caregivers & providers.

Medication Reminders are the perfect way to stay on top of your meds. Don't forget to enter your as-needed meds, too!

Allergies entered in CareSync are always with you and shared on Care Reports so anyone caring for you is aware.

Measurements include Journal, Pain tracker, weight, blood pressure, and other items that you manually enter or connect to other apps.

Documents are available inside your appointments, or add them here so they're with you whenever you need them.


CareSync Plus

Ready to add CareSync Plus? Find out more!

Welcome - A quick guide to getting started with Plus!

Contact - Use this section to contact your Plus Specialist with requests or questions.

Request Appointment If you have CareSync Plus, simply send a request and we'll make your appointment for you!

Request Records Want to request records all at once?  Add your Providers & request the records from each.

CareSync Plus Member displays your Plus membership status.
Gift CareSync to a family member or friend...and become a healthcare hero!



The security of your health data is our #1 priority!

How do I know my information is kept private?
CareSync is built on a privacy platform. When you create a login, a secure email is sent to you, and your account is activated after you confirm it. Everything we do observes the strictest of privacy and security rules.

Who can see my information?
Each time you add a family member or caregiver, you decide what level of information the person can see, and you can change it at any time. If you have CareSync Plus, the representative will act as a Care Team member. Our staff signs the same agreements as the people who work in your doctors’ offices.

Does CareSync comply with HIPAA regulations?
Our staff is trained and our applications are compliant with all current Health Information Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, which ensure your data is private and secure.

Do you sell my information to anyone?
We do not sell your information. In the future, you will have the option to provide your data anonymously that could be shared with research groups.


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